Thank you to Maureen Rossi

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Thanks to Maureen Rossi of Smithtown Today and the Brookhaven Review for writing a great article about our 3rd illustrated book. See the article here.

Hope you pick up a copy today! Available at

Thank you to Maureen Rossi for a well written article on our most recently illustrated children's book.

Thank you to Maureen Rossi for a well written article on our most recently illustrated children’s book.

Summer is right around the corner

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For many East End businesses they are already in full swing. Tourists have been coming out for the last month and the summer homes in our neighborhoods have had their owners return. We can hear the hum of the boats in the bay and the gentle lapping of the waves while we sleep. The farmers markets are booming and we are berry picking, biking, running, kayaking, paddle boarding, wine tasting and just enjoying the all the wonderful things the East End has to offer. We are so lucky to live in this paradise and with just a train ride away we can enjoy one of the best cities in the world. For the last 3.5 years our company has been primarily focused on Long Island and NYC businesses (although we enjoy working for businesses in North Carolina, Florida, and Washington D.C.) and adore all our clients. In fact this post is all about gratitude. Gratitude for our health, for our families, our marriages, our business, and our partnership. Most of all we are grateful for our clients. We wish you all a wonderful week. It may be filled with graduations, recitals, baseball games, or BBQ’s but if you happen to be on the East End we are sure you are as grateful as we are.


The Boat in the Basement

Recently Illustrated!

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We are excited to announce the news that we have recently illustrated our 3rd book for well known author Sharon Shebar.  The Boat in the Basement is based on a true story about a family that decides to work together to create a row boat from scratch. After hours of work they realize they made a big mistake. The boat is too large to be removed from the basement. Read the story to find out how they look to the past to find the solution to completing their dream of building a boat.

It is available on and will soon be published on the kindle as well. Leave a review and let us know what you think!

Stay tuned. We will be co-writing the next one.

Happy Holidays

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Hello world! Happy holidays from East End Advertising. We hope your season has been merry. We have some big plans in 2015 and are excited about starting our 3rd year in business. We are grateful for all the wonderful clients we have had in 2014. Thank you FoosFire, American Media Electronics, Smitty’s All American Grill and The All Star Lanes & Lounge, Board of Education member Joshua Foster, Borghese Vineyard, Glue Advertising, CP&P, Jespersen & Associates, Joseph Gagliano, The Vanderbilt Museum, Suffolk County Community College, Dr. Dan Ganc, Forever Bella Cosmetics, Futures and Options, Workforce Professional Training Institute, Strive International, Waterfront Academy, Sharon Sigmond Shebar, Simfit, Boardhounds, Red Dog Distributors and Suffolk County Junior Tennis League. If it wasn’t for you, we wouldn’t be here. Our sincere thank you.
We wish you all a happy and prosperous 2015!
Dawn and Joanna


Our new baby!

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Last year, we were approached by an award-winning author and asked to illustrate a picture book that she had written. Having read her books as a child, I was through-the-roof excited! What followed was months of research, hand-illustration, digital rendering and finally, the technical part of producing printed and digital versions of the book. About half way through illustrating the book, a good friend told me that her daughter, Morgan, was diagnosed with a brain tumor. It was then that we decided to donate 50% of the proceeds to the family. You can read more about Morgan and how you can help by joining

Please read some of our amazing reviews and consider purchasing a book to help Morgan.

To purchase go to:

To purchase go to:

The season of thanks and giving is just around the corner…

Love, Dawn and Joanna

Mourning the Borgheses

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1-055_MarcoAnnMarie_TastingRoom_smThere are few women in life that I admire to the degree that I admired Princess Ann Marie Borghese. She carried herself with dignity, class and glamour, much like Jackie Onassis or Grace Kelly. A former model, she was not only beautiful but also business savvy. She was an entrepreneur with many talents. She dappled in jewelry, art, agriculture and more. I admired her not only for her career and her beauty, but I also admired the way she stood strong in the midst of fierce competition and politics. I admire the way she held herself even amidst bad press, difficult people and tough harvests. The last time we spoke was the 6th of June. Joanna and I were showcasing our work in a gallery not too far from the Vineyard. We invited her to attend the gallery opening since our design for Borghese Vineyard’s 40th anniversary emblem was one of the logos on display. She was absolutely delighted to hear this but due to not feeling well, declined the invitation. Even on that call she seemed upbeat and hopeful—I will never forget the sound of her voice that day.

Her children were lucky to have her for a mom. I loved the kind of mother she was. Always speaking so highly of her children, it was a pleasure to see them together. Her eyes lit up when they spoke and they always seemed at ease. I love how Giovanni had her support when he decided he wanted to take time off from working to sail for a while or when he decided to downgrade his cell phone because in the scope of things…was being connected 24/7 really that important? I remember how Ann Marie flew to see Allegra across the country while she was in grad school. She once flew on a whim and whisked away on a trip to Europe. The family was close and it was wonderful to see.

One of my favorite memories about the couple was when Joanna and I were lucky to be invited to the Borghese Vineyard Christmas party. We witnessed the way the Borghese’s treated everyone like family. Course after course was served and glass after glass was poured. There was laughter and easy banter among the guests. Marco, quick to tell a joke or tease us with his signature sarcasm, always remained the gentleman. I also remember trips in his Jeep while getting personal tours of the vineyard. He was kind enough to also give private tours to my husband, mother-in-law and several friends. The guests loved him and so did the staff. It truly was a pleasure working for Marco and Ann Marie. I admire Marco as well. His strong work ethic is something I can relate to. I love how they built the business with long hours, long days and wearing more hats than I can count. He was business savvy and smart, drawing upon his background in importing and exporting. One thing not everyone knew about Marco was his culinary accolades. Marco was a not only a foodie but someone who could walk into anyone’s kitchen and pull together any array of ingredients to come up with a delicious masterpiece.  He was like this in and out of the kitchen. Innovative and able to make the best of things even in the worst of situations.

We are saddened by the loss of the amazing couple but are happy to remember how they truly lived by their motto. Savor Life. Because you never know how long you have here and sometimes slowing down to take a slow sip of the wine or to breathe in the summer lavender is all you need to savor life. Sometimes taking the time to appreciate what you have and where you are in life is the key to happiness. Our heart goes out to the Borghese family as they deal with this very difficult time.

Time to unplug

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Vacation in the Berkshires

In our business we are glued to our devices. We feel compelled to check work email, texts from each other and even sleep with our phones under our pillow. You know, just in case a client needs something at 1am. We are self confessed work-a-holics but we love what we do. The second we wake up we itch to get “on” excited to see what projects are in the pipeline for the day, week or month. Even on weekends you will find Joanna and I designing away. What we especially love is that our business is portable. We can go outside and watch the waves roll in on the bay or the boats glide by. We can take the laptop to the park while our kids play on the swings with each other. We can conduct business meetings at all the waterfront east end eateries and sip a glass of local sauvignon blanc while enjoying a tray of oysters on the half shell. For the most part being tuned in is fine with us. But when we start trying to work on our family vacations you know something is wrong. We need to remind each other that in order to be more productive it is important to take time away from the busy phones, the constant emails and the hours in front of the screen.
This summer I am going to visit family in Massachussetts. We plan to stop and see several New England states and do lots of hiking, biking, reading, painting and good old fashion unplugged fun. We will be toting board games, books and crafts, bathing suits, kayaks and Stand Up Paddleboards. No technology allowed. When I return renewed, refreshed and energized I will be ready to kick off our summer projects. Stay tuned to find out how it went.

Research! Research! Research!

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The ladies of SimFit

A few months ago Stacey Standard and Kim Brehm of Simfit asked us to work on a website and logo for their mompreneur-based fitness company. We were excited to help because we, just like them, love the fact that our job allows us to juggle family with work so we can lead balanced and happy lifestyles. 

Well sort of. 

For me, the balance has always been trying to be and stay healthy on top of  client deadlines, various requests, work presentations, carpooling, homework, family activities, teaching and grading. Oh, did I mention that I am a Professor as well? So on second thought, balance is something I need and am working on.

As we began the research and concept development phase for this exciting project, I decided to sign up for a 5-week boot camp program so I could meet their target market (Stacey and Kim?s clients), learn what sets them apart and get to see how their fitness regimen works.

Whenever we start a new project, we delve headfirst into research. Designers who execute without research may produce work that looks great but misses the mark with its message and appeal to the appropriate target market. It is important to attract the right demographic and keep them coming back for more. Aesthetic tastes, market conditions and purchasing behaviors need to be analyzed. One of the reasons we love our job so much is we really get to be both creative AND analytical. Having solid reasons backing design decisions result in relevant and successful communications.

Participating in the 5-week program not only gave me insight into what appeals to these ladies, but I learned a lot about adopting a healthy lifestyle by adjusting the way I thought about exercise and eating. Not a bad thing to learn on the job. In fact, as I jumped into the project full force I found myself dropping inches and lost a total of 3% body fat. My endurance, strength, balance, flexibility and agility improved tremendously. If you haven?t had a chance to meet Stacey or Kim of Simfit you really should. They are full of energy and are a couple of the most motivating individuals you can ever meet in the fitness world. If only you could bottle these two up and sell them to the public? oh wait you can! That is where we come in. By creating a website for we are helping to distribute their programs to the world. With the new website, no matter where you live or what is going on in your life, Stacey and Kim can pop into your living room for a customized workout, specially tailored to fit your life. Stay tuned for their exciting endeavor. Dare we say we have the next Jane Fonda and Denise Austin in the making?

logo design

Logo design on display

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logo design

Logo design by East End Advertising.

Dawn is an adjunct Professor of Graphic Design at Suffolk County Community College. Last year she was asked to display some of her work in a traveling faculty exhibit. The first stop was at the new Lyceum Gallery in Riverhead. This Friday marks the opening of the second stop in this travelling exhibit. The reception will be from 5pm-7pm on Friday, June 6, at the Riverhead Free Library. The work will be on display for the months of June and July. If you live in the area or are visiting the North or South Forks of Long Island this summer, pop on by to view the artwork. The exhibit displays a variety of mediums including sculpture, design, painting, photography, printmaking, mixed media and more.

Professor DiPeri and Professor Vivas will be co-curating the exhibit. Professor Vivas is a Professor of Fine Art who will be exhibiting some of his sculptural works. Both Professor DiPeri and her business partner, Joanna Pendzick, of East End Advertising, Inc. will be in attendance showcasing select logo designs created over the past 2 years. A well-designed logo adds a level of panache and credibility to businesses large and small. Among the work, you will see logos that were developed for:

  • The United Way of Long Island’s new housing division
  • East End Studios performing arts school
  • BoardHounds stand-up paddleboard tours and lessons
  • Borghese Vineyard
  • Simfit fitness company
  • Suffolk County Junior Tennis League
  • The Vanderbilt Museum

Whether you are a new business seeking a logo design or an established business that needs a refreshed look or messaging, East End Advertising can help. Specializing in branding, strategy and design, they position businesses in the market landscape to attract a target audience that will result in positive responses to brand communications. Visit the Riverhead Free Library during the June 6th reception, and enjoy browsing through East End Advertising’s professionally designed logo showcase, amongst other faculty artworks. Oh, and enjoy some wine and cheese while you do.

About the Riverhead Free Library:

Riverhead Free Library

330 Court Street

Riverhead, NY 11901

(631) 727-3228

Hours Of Operation

Monday – Friday 9am-9pm; Saturday 9am-5pm;

Sunday (Oct. – Apr. Only) 1pm-5pm

Opening Reception Friday, June 6, 5pm-7pm

Dates of installation June 6-July 27


Frame Photo Credit: By En-cas-de-soleil (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons.

Logo Design and Owners Joanna Pendzick and Dawn DiPeri Photo Credit: Rebecca Iantuono.

Efficient Happiness

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SS_SomethingStrange_cvr150x150I find Sharon Shebar’s new book, There’s Something Strange in the House Today, which we are illustrating, very timely for me.

Coming home from the hospital to two children and a husband with a newborn baby. New baby. New sounds. New routines! Sounds scary and unnerving…how am I going to keep these balls in the air while healing from c-section #3? Did they rebuild me?




I guess the key to success here is going to be optimizing time management skills:

  1. Children will sleep in the clothes they will wear the next day (what?…they’re clean!).
  2. Appropriate delegation of tasks: The oldest one will take on breakfast duty with easy, readymade options: cereal, hard boiled eggs, French toast and pancakes previously made and frozen that pop into the toaster, pre-made cream of wheat, fruit, yogurt, etc).
  3. Work when baby naps. East End Advertising is not the average 9-5 shop…we are the only firm you will probably find online and available at 2am (Joanna, the night owl) and 5am (Dawn, the early bird).
  4. Everything else that needs streamlining. Suggestions?

Challenge the way it was done before, in the name of efficiency! And sanity! And happiness!

There’s almost always a better way of doing things—to streamline to near perfection. This is what we strive to do with our newborn projects. Taking a little more time up front, prepping with patience, researching, making the best choices for our client’s particular situation when given the multitude of options available, THEN moving projects to the next step, is a skill that comes with experience. Patience IS a virtue, said the Nesquick® rabbit (am I dating myself?) …and slow and steady will win the race.

Some may want to rush forward into the future without a plan. As excited as you may be to get to the next step, be sure to take the time to prep and check before jumping. Be as cautious as the cats in Shebar’s book. Assess. Make good choices. Then move forward with confidence! It’s how we like to operate at East End Advertising.

Here’s to my more-efficiently run life, happy clients and thriving brand futures!