New Logo

Logo: This logo development project for East End Studios positions the studio as the place to get training and education in all areas of the performing arts. The icon illustrates the “triple threat” disciplines supported by the studio in appealing, energetic colors and expressive line art.

Summer Brochure

Trifold Brochure: A summer brochure that presents a range of classes and camps for the beginner student to the Sr. Company student.

East End Studios Website

Website Design: This re-designed East End Studios website took existing copy content from their old site and reformatted it into an attractive and well-organized website that strongly emphasized the studio’s new position as the place to go for a premier education in the performing arts. This website has a content management system in place, so the client can easily update the site as needed. The result is a clean, user-friendly and visually appealing experience for potential customers.