Point Of Purchase (POP) Display

Point of Purchase Display: Display graphics for a raffle box set in various locations that offered free baseball tickets every month. The giveaway was sponsored by Hausman & Pendzick. See below for instruction graphics for the display.

Enter To Win Ticket

Raffle Ticket: This entry form was designed to match the point of purchase display stands that were distributed at various locations, offering a chance to win free baseball game tickets each month. The giveaway was sponsored by Hausman & Pendzick.

Team Sponsorship Logo

Sportswear Logo: The existing logo for Hausman & Pendzick had the colors adjusted to show up tastefully on the back of baseball apparel (LogoSportswear.com) for a team they were sponsoring. The logo displayed their consumer-facing website address: Isue4u.org

Hausman & Pendzick Website

Website Design: Hausman & Pendzick is a personal Injury law firm servicing the five burroughs. This website was the result of a complete design overhaul that used existing copy content as a starting point. Content was streamlined and organized into an intuitive interactive experience and established the basis for their visual brand guidelines. A warm yellow representing the personal attention and dedication they give to each client compliments the brand’s black and burgundy corporate colors. hptriallaw.com