Red Dog Logo

Logo: The Red Dog Distributors hound, ready when you are, with a SUP in tow…to deliver, to demo, to help businesses in anyway they can. That’s why they are “The leader of the pack.”

Business Card (front)

Business Card (front): The front of this business card was the first piece to introduce the bright yellow color into the brand palette. The yellow evokes energy, the outdoors, youth and health, and is complimented by the deep red, black and white of the logo.

Business Card QR code

Business Card (back): This business card uses a QR code as an easy way to get to the distributor’s website.

Red Dog Distributors Sales Aid

Sales Aid Design: This sales aid was developed for Red Dog Distributors to target local surf shops highlighting all of the benefits of the local distribution company. This piece, along with the logo development, began to establish the visual branding for the company along with the tone of voice for the brand. Red Dog Distributors has been successful at securing their goal of three major surf shops across Long Island, and has expanded their distribution area from Connecticut to Georgia in just one year!