2nd Annual Clam Bake Ticket

Event Ticket: This event ticket for the 2nd Annual Clam Bake at the Vanderbilt Museum leveraged the new branding, applying the vibrant logo colors and whimsical illustrations of seafood, to create an inviting and energetic communication for their annual event.

New Logo

Logo: This new logo for the Vanderbilt Museum clearly defines the three areas of the property: Mansion, Museum and Planetarium. With the bold colors and arch graphics, this logo illustrates the unique combination of offerings at the estate; ideal for multi-cultural, educational and recreation events. In 2013, the Vanderbilt Museum is re-inventing itself as an accessible and entertaining destination for the arts, cultural and educational world.

Annual Report

Annual Report: This 2012 annual report for the Vanderbilt Museum was the very first step in transforming the perception of the museum from a historic landmark in need of repair to a re-energized gold coast property poised to become a major player in the cultural, arts and education world. The annual report came out at the very beginning of the rebranding process fueled by the spring grand opening of their newly renovated planetarium. Both board members and staff took great pride in distributing this key communication to potential and existing donors to encourage and continue the support for the Vanderbilt Museum.

Summer Brochure

Trifold Brochure: This 3-panel brochure for the Vanderbilt Museum was created to promote the summer camps and programs offered at the Vanderbilt for the 2013 summer season.

Membership Rack Card

Rack Card: This rack card was designed to present the membership options available for the Vanderbilt Museum. The headline copy was crafted to encourage future visits and to explore all that the estate has to offer, “from the north star to the sea stars.”

Education Brochure

Brochure: An 8-page education brochure listing the many programs offered by the Vanderbilt Museum for schools, camps and clubs to consider for field trips that inspire children and adults to “discover.”

Scout Brochure

Tri-fold Brochure: This brochure presents programs that were specifically designed by the Vanderbilt Museum for Boy Scout and Girl Scout excursions encouraging education, exploration and discovery.

Logo with Planetarium emphasis

Logo Design: This is a brand extension for the Vanderbilt Museum. The Planetarium-emphasis logo is reserved for planetarium-specific communications, such as planetarium promotions to schools and planetarium events.

Vanderbilt Site Use In House Postcard

Vanderbilt Kid’s Birthday Party Invites