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We are a team of award-winning graphic designers and writers who create eye-catching package design, apparel, print collateral, web ads and sites, corporate identity, and more. 


Our designs have been seen on store shelves, on apparel, and all over the region. A unique approach to brand consultation has resulted in dozens of successful startups and rebrands. We understand how to attract the right target audience with compelling visuals that break through the clutter and resonate with that audience.




With experience training to teach online, teaching online and developing and designing courses in the online modality, we are able to build out instructional design products with ease. We are writers, designers, developers, and subject matter experts who can facilitate, design, and teach courses using a multitude of Learning Management Systems and peripheral software.

Choose East End Advertising to take your teaching further.


We are:

  • Life long learners, Educators, and Designers

  • Graphic Designers with an eye for detail and the user experience in mind at all times

  • Quality assurance experts

  • Writers who can effectively write persuasive advertising copy, scholarly pieces, and course content

We have:

  • An understanding of the Online teaching experience as an educator, student, and instructional designer as it relates to student-centered learning

  • Experts in course design, technology, and pedagogy including user experience & user interface design (UX & UI) 

East End Advertising is a boutique design firm located on the east end of Long Island specializing in branding, graphic design, and instructional design.


Our clientele areas include:

  • Education

  • Non-profit

  • Luxury/artisanal /craft markets

  • Energy efficiency sector

  • Sports & Leisure

  • Pharmaceutical & Healthcare

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